Data forms need to be filled in with all relevant information, and held by the principal and always accessible during class times.
The data form covers all areas concerning photos and filming being taken of students and used for advertising and promoting Showstoppers be it, on our website, Facebook or Instagram accounts or posters, flyers and show advertising.
If you have not filled in a form please see one of the teachers ASAP.

Children should arrive 10 minutes before class time, wait in the waiting area to be admitted into class.
Showstoppers is only responsible for your child during their own class times. Should a child need to “hang on” this is at the parent’s discretion but the child will not be the responsibility of showstoppers, unless in the actual classroom.

Correct uniform must be worn to every lesson, and hair in a bun or plaits up, for ballet and tied back for tap, modern
And Acro.

No jewellery should be worn to any class! Any items of jewellery, clothing or personal belongings are the child’s responsibility and not Showstoppers!

The structure of most classes will be…
Warm up … steps in the centre …. corner work ….. routine.
At showtimes, the structure will change to focus on group work and finale!

Every student will be involved in annual display, examinations will be offered these are taken at the discretion of the child and parent. There are fees associated with all competition, exams and show work these must be paid before the child can take part, failure to pay fees on time will result in the child being pulled from session or exam!

Solos are offered at the discretion of teachers, and will be taught to selected children outside of class times! These will be private lessons the charge for these may vary depending on location of lesson, the average price for an hours lesson of one to one tuition is currently £30. This can change without notification and at principals discretion. No show for a private lesson will still be charged at £30 unless space can be filled by another paying student! Please allow 48hours notice if you cannot attend a private lesson when notice given no fee will be charged.

The structure of classes, venue of classes can also change at principals discretion
Obviously as much notification will be given as possible

Information will always be displayed on showstoppers members page on Facebook ( closed private group )
Increasingly people are asking to join this group or been invited to join; please note this is a members only group and if not a student or parent of showstoppers they will not be accepted into this group.

If you are not a member of this group we will endeavour to get information to you however we accept no responsibility if you miss information, this is why we have a private members page so everyone can see information at the same time!

Please be aware that the nature of teaching dance does mean that teachers, will need to physically help students into positions this is “hands on “And the only way of teaching correctly!
And being able to correct faults !!

Classes are charged at present at £7.50 per class this is payable monthly at £30
And must be paid by 15th of each month
Failure to pay may result in the child being asked not to attend or a 10% increase on your next bill
You can pay by cash, cheque made payable to Miss Caroline A Casey.
Or standing order or direct debit into account:
Bank transfer into the same account
Or online through stripe pay accessible through web page
An admin fee is added to stripe payments of an extra £1 per payment!
Fees are payable every month, and do not increase when we have a 5 week month .this means on average you will gain 5 weeks of “unpaid” lessons thus will, therefore, cover Christmas and Easter breaks.
At present we offer 5 classes per month for the price of 4, this is under review and can not guarantee this facility continuing
Fees and special offers can change at the discretion of the principal with minimum notice.

Classes taught at present at Showstoppers are:
Musical theatre
Adult tap
Adult dance fitness

We are currently looking to expand our classes to include:
Dancers fitness
Ballet technique
Ballet performance

Your teachers are:
Miss Caroline principal
Miss Emily
Miss Ellie
Miss Harriet
Miss Rachel
Miss Kirstie
Elizabeth (teachers assistant )
Jessica ( Student Teacher )

As we increase lessons we may be adding to our faculty
We may also be offering workshops and master classes taught by outside companies/teachers or current performers! All students would be invited however some classes may be age appropriate or class size so first come first serve basis. All outside classes will come at an extra fee.

Location of classes may also vary.
At present our main location is
Blendworth Church Hall
Telephone number at all times is 07730524212.

Many Thanks

It is the goal of Showstoppers to have a happy family friendly environment in which to encourage students to grow and reach there full potential!
This will be achieved if we all work together! Any problems you or your child may have please bring them to our attention as soon as possible so the situation can be dealt with promptly and the outcome reached, satisfactory to all concerned!
Attendance is imperative to a student reaching their full potential, if for any reason you are going to miss classes please inform principal directly by text message on above phone number!