A fun class teaching original style American jazz tap, class consists of exercises for Rhythm and routines, working towards exams, British Arts Awards, festivals and annual shows!
Classes taught by Miss Caroline, Ellie and Harriet ( guest teachers sometimes come to class these include Lauren who has recently been teaching the older set Irish hard shoe tap )


Classes teaching a variety of modern dance styles from lyrical to jazz and lots in between, the class consists of limbering warm up, short routines, corner work and stretch. As with all our classes students can work towards exams in modern dance, also towards British arts awards, festivals and show work.
Classes taught by Miss Caroline and Harriet ( Again we have many ex students now working in the profession who come along and do master classes recently Kirstie Stuart, Amy Devine and Joe Trodd)


A structured ballet class that also has the fun elements of learning character dances and national dances too. Barre and centre work are taught to go along with ballet exams, whilst show work is also incorporated!
Ballet class is such a great class for all round strength and stamina, it also brings out confidence not just for budding dancers but great for life skills in general!
Classes taught by Miss Caroline Miss and Harriet ( guest teachers will occasionally take classes )
These lessons see you through your grades from preparatory right through to intermediate and advanced levels.

Acrobatic Dance

A mixture of gymnastic moves and dance moves with an emphasis on stretching and tumbling
A mixed age class due to older girls being able to lift younger ones, great team building skills are a must in this class!
Show work is also taught in this class.
Classes are taken by Miss Caroline Ellie and Harriet.

Musical Theatre

Two classes run side by side, a younger and older group so age appropriate topics can be taught
Drama, singing, acting through song and movement are skills that are taught and used in this lesson
Drama and musical theatre exams are taken and we have access to a singing teacher who is a current performer, who was trained at Showstoppers Kirstie Stuart.
Classes are taken by Miss Caroline, Ellie, Harriet and Kirstie.

Contemporary Dance

A structured class mixing ballet technique with the styles of Martha Graham & Cunningham etc.
Show dances are taught in this class along with the skills of contemporary a very unique style of dance. This class is taught by Miss Rachel who holds a Masters degree in education and a degree in dance, as a child Rachel trained not only in the UK but also in the USA.

Adult Tap

A fun class with mixed abilities who come along on a Friday night to share their love of tap and the dance floor!
Taken by Miss Caroline

Adult fitness through dance

Concentrating on both the aspect of getting fit whilst dancing, mixed age range and ability!
Class consists of a whole body warm up, targeting those difficult areas such as abs and bums, corner work learning individual dance steps then compiling them together in short routines.
A stretch and relax comes at the end of the class, those wishing to stay for an extra half hour can enjoy learning a full show dance.
Class taken by Miss Caroline

Demi pointe class

Invitation only
The next step in classical ballet, soft pointe shoes are worn to strengthen the Feet and ankles of young dancers in preparation for hard toe pointe shoes!
Exercises for strengthening at the barre and centre.
Classes taught by Miss Caroline, Ellie and Harriet

Pointe class

Invitation only
Once a dancer reaches a certain level of technique, she will progress onto full pointe shoes, thus lesson is the next stage on from Demi pointe.
A full ballet class is taken en pointe with classical and contemporary pointe dances being taught for show and competition work!
Lesson is taken by Miss Caroline, Ellie and Harriet

Private lessons

By invitation only

Are taught in every subject to those students selected to take part in the British arts awards and festivals, as soloists or duets.
Every Teacher teaches solos and has their own diary of days and times available
Private lessons are also available for those wishing a one to one structured lesson to catch up with any discipline!

Twinkle Toes at Showstoppers

Mummies and toddlers class, a fun class of dancing and movement to favourite children’s music, with themed weeks! Runs during term time.